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New Episode Tonight!!!

2018-01-17 15:41:55 by shadscott81

I'm excited to announce that the second episode of The Boom Boom Happy Fun Yum Yum Hour, titled It Takes Some Adjustment, will be premiering here on Newgrounds tonight!!! I've made some technical and animation changes in response to the critique of the first episode. The art is largely the same, with a few minor tweaks, but the biggest change is the new character TR. I was about a third of the way into animating this episode when I released the first episode last week and so TR sort of evolves as the animation goes on. I don't want to ruin the surprise but his movement pattern changes as the episode goes forward. From nothing but arm movements, to occasional movement, to a figure eight hovering pattern, to slight up and down movement as he hovers. Not only is this representetive (kinda) of real world physics, it also is an answer to the first episode being called mostly static, which it was. 

So I hope you enjoy tonight's episode, and next week there are a lot of animation improvements, including visual storytelling, perspective, art, character art, the audio is better (I think, if you don't listen closely, you don't notice, so no biggie), and the fourth episode os the culmination of everything I've learned here and elsewhere represented in one episode. So I hope you come back for those, which will be released next Wednesday and the Wednesday following that.



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