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One of my biggest weaknesses that I can recognize

2018-01-13 15:02:25 by shadscott81

Forgot to put this in the last post, so here it is.

I guess if we were to put things in order, I'm a writer first and an animator second. I put a lot more emphasis in the writing of an animated short because writing is something I'm really good at, whereas I know that animating is something I'm so-so at. So I like to have a strong script for animating, and part of that is not really focusing on the visual story the animation is telling as much as the story story it is telling. For instance, with the first episode the visual story is largely static. A review pointed this out to me and I recognized the problem right away. The script for episode one reads great on paper, but the actual animation is a bit boring visually. This is definitely something I will take into consieration with future episodes.

Unfortunately the second episode, for the first half, is a bit visually static as written as well. I've done some stuff to shake that up and not make it so static. The second half of episode two moves a lot better visually. 

Since I've already written the third and fourth episode also, there are a few changes I can make to visually tell a story better, although I think episode four can pretty well stand on its own right now on paper. The third episode I have to throw some visual stuff into, but I already know how to go about that so I'm not worried.

THen, like I said last post, after the first four episodes I'm going to take a break and listen to the critiques and reviews and let them inform where and how I go from there.

This is very exciting for me, getting to grow as an artist. Thank you to the wonderful people who have given frank and honest feedback. I can'[t get any better without it!!!



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